More Practitioner Research

Kirsten Lepore

This is very much a contemporary version of an animator that uses stop motion. This uses a range of model making from card to plaster-scene. But the way she uses stop-motion is all the same. This is a good example of how the stop motion can be developed to fit the modern graphics style.

James Stuart Blackton

In direct contrast, this is a very aged video that shows how cinema used to all be stop motion as the camera would take images as each frame and to the play the film it would be a series of images, this is the same now but you can not even tell because of how high and seamless the frame rate is on each image.

Tim Burton

This stop-motion style is very strongly linked with the gothic style that is shown in lots of Tim Burton's work. This style of the thin bodies and the oversized head and eyes is most none due to its uses in 'the nightmare before Christmas'. He is known for his gothic style in everything he does and this is his stop motion variation on his gothic style.


Probably one of if not the most famous stop motion style of all time. This stop motion style uses a very simple stop motion clay charter set in real life sense almost like a tv show on a bookshelf. This started as a sub show within other shows which explains why the first versions so flo-fi and this has been carried into the more modern day versions of the show.


In one world this guy is purely committed to his artwork. This piece shows a series of images of the artist who for a whole year clocked in and took a picture of his self every hour for a whole year, also during this time he lived on the street with nothing but a sleeping bag. This is a good example of how stop motion can be used to show time over a long period of time.