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This was done using a displacement effect on top of a rectangle and then using the keyframes in the effect to increase and then decrease the displacement for the rectangle and have it come apart and move back together. 

Random Time

Racheal Maclean is a multi-media artist who uses a lot of film and photography in her artwork. She likes to create a fantasy world style artwork that links to social and political issues. Maclean always appears in

Fast Clock

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Video Time Linked Clock

This clock has the rotation of the hand been linked to the timing of the video meaning it moves one rotation every minute of the video. This is again done using javascript expressions in after effect to make ever lasting animation linked to the video time.

Random Time and wiggle

This shows how two expressions can be used together to create a more effective animation. This animation uses the wiggle and random expressions. The random expression is linked to the number that is been displayed and then the wiggle expression is making the number move as it is linked to the position of the number.