Workshop TWO

The Brief

The brief was to work in groups of two or three to create an animation or pieces displaying one of the words. The words that we had to pick from were; Repeat, Fast-forward, pause, (re)cycle, Live, Delay. 

Our thinking

We choose to do 'live'. We want to focus on the abstract view of 'live' be a paint or a piece of art, potentialy merging it with an opera singer, two forms of live performance. We wanted to focus on art and how people look at art via there smartphones. (this came from all the picture of people taking pictures of the Mona Lisa) 


This was the first of the three posters in the series. This took the style and the famous staue of david, joking with the fact of the statue weeing the poeple them weeing on the staue.

The second in the series was aimed at people treat art work badly and trashing it. My Bed by Tracey Emin is maint to look messy but this joked on the fact that just becuase it is messy does not mean you should add to it.

The Style


And the final poster was the first idea, this is displays a message going against the notion of taking picture of the art work and not experenes it in the moment. This shows a story board of someone taking a picture of the painting and the paint not liking it and turning into a devil.