Timed Drawing

Workshop ONE

Initial apple task

This task was all about looking at an object from as many perspectives as we could. The object that was chosen as an apple, so as you do you do the normal drawing the apple as it is, but then I started looking at what you can do to an apple like cook it or cut it up. Then looking at how you can show an apple in a graphic form. Then looking at the sequence of an apple life cycle. On the left, there are 10 different ways to look at an apple.

This task was good because it made you get creative with the same object and starting to look at something from an abstract point of view.

Timed Drawing

While drawing it is very easy to start over thinking things and this task was about letting go and just drawing the first thing that comes into your head. Firstly this lets your creative mind take over and takes the pressure off and lets your brain just flow. 

Also what you do when your brain flows really tells a lot about the real side of your brain and you have stopped over thinking everything.

Sequence Drawing

This was a drawing task to uses visuals to show a sequence of events. I choose how to make toast and showed how you toast the bread and then choosing your toppings in the toast.